Jun 26, 2012

Real power

"When we loose the spiritual dimension in life, our daily life seems to be covered in a grey blanket. When you are in contact with your soul, and dare to let it guide you, you will be happy. It´s in the soul we have our real magical power and capacity".

Karin Nordlander, author of the book "Dreamlife - happy for real

Read the whole interview (unfortunately only in Swedish for the moment) I did with Karin Nordlander here, where she talks about the huge career shift she made a couple of years ago and how she today works with helping other people find their life path and what is needed to have a really happy every day life.

Link with love! Thanks for use of image via Pinterest from reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com


  1. aw i'm sad I can't read the interview. I love that image though! Also I agree, when you lose your spiritual dimension, you also don't know what direction you are supposed to be walking, and your thoughts and life in general seems to be all over the place. Oftentimes things that are or were priorities are not as they are overlooked or neglected. It's nice to see your website because it always grounds me in some kind of way and is so uplifting. Thank you for that. Still one of my fave sites, always will be xx

  2. Another inspiring post ! Love the picture too




  3. Det lät som en bok i min smak, lägger den till listan på böcker jag måste läsa :). Kram Jennifer

  4. Ja, en bok för mig också!
    Och vad roligt att läsa intervjun!
    Kram Jenny