Jun 19, 2012

I do!

On this coming Friday, it´s Midsummers eve in Sweden. Apart from being a traditional and nice holiday for all Swedes, this is also the most booked day for weddings...which leads up to a little wedding theme on the blog this week. I got married 11 years ago (not on Midsummers eve though). For us it was a beautiful day and sometimes I am bit jealous of the brides who still have a wedding to plan...It is just one of those times in life where you only focus on love and joy!

{Images via Pinterest from 1 stylemepretty.com photographer http://gadboisphotography.ca
2 stylemepretty.com 3 stylemepretty.com photographer JenniferSkog.com 
4 xochellebelle.tumblr.com 5 stylemepretty.com 6 stylemepretty.com}