Jul 23, 2013

The destination of a lifetime

"I´m a firm believer that travel does wonders for the spirit, and I don´t just mean the kind that involves visiting faraway places. There´s a particular journey anyone can take - a destination that isn´t reachable by airplane or automobile. I´m talking about the kind of travel that requires years to complete: the journey to your most fulfilled self, says Oprah.

"The path to happiness is rarely a straight line, but there are so many opportunities for wisdom along the way - because even a roadblock is a chance to learn, and every crossroads helps you decide what you really desire. Your path is mapped, your bags are packed, and the road is calling. Go well!" 
- Oprah

Inspiring and well said words from Oprah (O. Magazine June 2012). 

(This was originally posted on IOB last year]

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