Jun 12, 2012

Creative visualization part 4

So we have reached to number four in our creative visualization course from Shakti Gawian. I hope you have had time to read and try out the first posts, because this stuff really works for the better in your life.

According to Shakti Gawain there are three elements that determine how successful one is with the creative visualization process.

1. Desire
We must have a true and genuin desire to have or create what we visualize. One should ask oneself: Do I truly in my heart desire this goal to be realized?

2. Belief
The more we believe in the possibility of attaining the chosen goal the more certain we will be to do so. One should ask oneself: Do I believe that this goal can exist? Do I believe that it is possible for me to realize or attain it?

3. Acceptance
We must be willing to accept and have that which we are seeking. Sometimes we pursue goals without actually wanting to attain them. We should ask ourselves: Am I really completely willing to have this?

Shakti Gawain means that the total sum of these three elements are our intention.

"When you have strong intention to create something - that is, you deeply desire it, you completely believe that you can do it, and you are willing to have it - it is very likeley to manifest in you life in one way or another. The clearere and stronger the intention, the more quickly and easily your creative visualization will work."

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