Jun 29, 2012

Bubbles for celebration!

Today is a special day for me, since my beloved grandmother turns 100 years! She still lives in her beautiful apartment filled with a lifetime of memories, and even gathers the 30 closest relatives for a small celebration. Of course her children fix everything for today and I suspect she actually will just sit in her sofa and take it all in, but still she´s having us over. Why I am telling you this is because through all my life she has been a source of inspiration for my own concept of inner and outer beauty, since I believe we need both in life in some form to be balanced, happy and to look great. My grandmother is a spiritual person (no specific religion though) and has been meditating daily for the last 50 years. She has also taught many others the art of meditation. And she has always told me since childhood how important it is to have a rich inner life. At the same time she really appreciates outer beauty, always well dressed and her hair done, being a shallow person enjoying all outer pleasures there are as well. If you ask my grandmother how she became this old, one of the reasons is that she has had a good mix of both in life. One of the main rules she has taught me is to always keep Champagne in the fridge, ready to celebrate whatever the small occasion. That´s a good and easy rule to follow I think.

I hope you cherish and celebrate your FRIDAY!
(and thank you for being here, you make my day!)

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  1. Wow 100 år! Grattis till henne! Ska också dricka bubbel idag o fira att semestern börjar. Kram Nilla

  2. Hei fine vennen :)

    For et herlig innlegg - så inspirerende :)

    Gratulerer sååå mye til bestemoren din - tenk 100 år! Det er helt herlig :) Frisk og rask, og glad i livet :) Så godt å høre :)

    Kos dere masse i feiringen, da regner jeg med dere kommer til å skåle litt i champagne :)

    Klemmer og koser Lisa:)

    1. Tack! Och min bestemor är faktiskt fra Norge:) kram Caroline

  3. Ljuvlig underbar blogg man kan bläddra titta & läsa hur länge som helst.
    Ha en härlig fredag & vad underbart att fira 100 år.
    Varma hälsninar

    1. Tack! Dina ord inspirerar mig mycket! Kram Caroline

  4. great positive pictures! love the champagne one )))

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. Happy happy grandbother. Love Love

  6. wow what a milestone! Happy 100 to your grandma!!! Hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend and 4th xO

  7. How lovely. Your grandmother seems absolutely fab. What a woman. I will take her advice immediately.

    I feel rejuvenated after rearing this!

    Happy Birthday to your grandmother!


  8. Jag älskar detta inlägget!!

  9. Så underbart! Jag blir så glad av att läsa detta inlägg!
    Kram Jenny

  10. Men, oh! Vilken härlig inspirationskälla! Fantastiskt att du fått ha med henne i din uppväxt! :)

    Massa fint här sen sist.. ;)
    Kram Tess