May 12, 2012

The importance of friends

Yesterday brought a totally unexpected but wonderful surprise. While in New York it was my birthday (yes, and it was the big 40´s...still cannot really identify with that age though:). I had a great birthday in NY with family and friends and couldn´t ask for more. So imagine my surprise while preparing dinner yesterday, a bunch of my closest girlfriends unexpectedly walks right in with champagne & macarons and the sweetest gift, a beautiful clutch from Wilbur & Gussie (I wrote a post here on Pippa Middletons clutch, so thank you girlfriends for paying attention for what I like:) I consider myself so lucky to have these and many more wonderful girlfriends in my life. Apart from family, friends are major important in life, I think. And the thing is, as we get older I sort of appreciate my friends even more. When I was in my teens and later at University, I sort of had this image of "this is the time in life, when being Bridget-Jones-like single and girlfriends mean the most, but when we eventually will start families it will not be as important". I couldn´t have been more wrong. The friendships I have today, with new and old friends, are far exceeding my expectations. Yesterday also reminded me of this. And I think we shall be grateful for and appreciate the ones that are in our life. So today my gratitude-journal-in-twitter-style (meaning in one sentence:) will be; I am so happy and grateful for all my wonderful, inspiring, clever, funny and beautiful girlfriends. Friends do enrich life. And to this I would like to add that I am also so grateful and happy for each and everyone of my readers!

So, if we only do one thing this weekend; cheers for friendship!

Bon weekend!