May 10, 2012

A new obsession (that cannot go on)

Pure heaven, or just terribly bad for the figure...Truffle French fries...
You can never ever go wrong with Maine Lobster
Delicious mini cakes from Whole foods

A nice little restaurant (with Truffle fries...)

Hard guys at Niketown

See you soon again NY!

We got back from NY today, all very jetlagged...and with the clothes fitting...hmm not good at all...This vacation has, of course, involved (too) many great meals. At the top are always the Maine lobster, wich is impossible to find that big and fresh in Scandinavia. And the newest obsession, hamburger with Truffle french fries. It is pure genius. Or actually a big reason that the clothes don´t fit anymore. I just had to order it again, and again. If you haven´t tried it and like truffle, you won´t be disapointed, trust me. This was compensated  with a visit to Niketown, to bring out the healthy me:) Now, time for more coffee to stay awake and see you tomorrow, when I will show some more (and better) inspirational photos from NY and surroundings.