May 23, 2012

Creative visualization part 3

Today we are back at the creative visualization process based on the bestselling book by Shakti Gawain. Since there are so many new readers here since we started this book (thank you and welcome!), if you missed the intro part please start here. You will also learn how the ├╝ber successful founder Natalie Massenet used this book and process in creating her dream company from scratch...

Being. Doing. Having.
Three simple but yet important words in the creative visualization process according to Shakti Gawain. Being is being alive and conscious, in the present moment. Doing is activity and movement. Having is a relationship with other people and things, to allow and accept things into our lives. Those three words are like a triangle where each side supports the other. They all exists simultaneously not conflicting each other.

According to Shakti Gawain we often attempt to live our life backward. We try to have more things or money, in order to do more of what we want, so that we will be happier. But, according to the author the way it actually works is the reverse. We must first be who we really are, then do what we need to do, in order to have what we want.

She means that the purpose of creative visualization is:
To connect with our being.
To help us focus and facilitate our doing.
To deepen, expand and align our having.

Blog tips!
Apart from reading this book, there are also many resources online, like the wonderful blog lagen om attraktion written by Tess. Here you can go direct on her blog and watch a short video (in English) that explains more about the process, according to the Secrets John Assaraf, who is helping people visualize, set goals and reach their goals.

Good luck friends,
 and don´t forget to daily visualize the life that you want to create for you:)