May 15, 2012

Bathing therapy

Are you ever just so tired or uninspired that you just want to check out, not forever but for a couple of hours or so? I hope it is not just me:) When this happen, I don´t drink tea, like the Englishmen, instead I take a really long bath. There is no better therapy in the world, what ever the problem is. So this is how it feels today. I don´t know why, no particular reason, I am just tired and can´t even bring myself to write something interesting. Blogging is amazing. But also a lot of hard work, juggling with three kids at the same time. I think I just need a break. So I shall listen to myself and send myself into the bath tub and read a gossip magazine. That is about all I can take in today. But, I can give you a reading tip that I found yesterday. Some of the bloggers that have been around for a couple of years are having a week of answering the question; "Things I am afraid to tell you". This started out "in an effort to pull back the curtain of our happy, pretty little lives and talk about the reality of being bloggers, wives, not wives, moms, not moms, women, designers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, these bloggers all wrote their own posts revealing a little of their fears, insecurities and struggles". My favourite, and with most reveiling answers, comes from coco+kelley blogger Cassandra. So head over to her blog for some true and insightful reading about her every day life in the blog world. And see you again tomorrow. I will be happy and inspired then.

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