Apr 26, 2012

The tranquillity of the moment

This is me by the pool, reading a very interesting book. Of course it´s not me, I would never wear that hat:) Anyway, isn´t this picture just divine? You can really feel the tranquillity, and it reminds me of how important it is to have some silence in a busy life, and to unplug, as hard as it seems. This would make a great silent spot; beautiful,  a lot of green, some glamour but though secluded.

{Image from musicteaandcandles.tumblr.com}


  1. Det ser ljuvligt ut, jag skulle inte ha något emot att sitta sådär! Ha en bra kväll! Kram Jennifer

  2. Haha! You got me!
    Jag ba: zoom zoom zoom!
    Ser härligt ut! Snart så! Kram

  3. Oh my goodness hun, this is indeed such a beautiful spot but I dont think I could ever read in a place like that! I'd want to explore the beautiful grounds instead! hah ^_^

    Eeli xx