Apr 18, 2012

Most important makeup thing?

Could it be the concealer...? For me it is (three kids later and a busy life, I haven´t slept really well in like eight years, like many moms:). The first time I tried a concealer was rather late, after my first child. The response I got from my girlfriends at lunch the same day was enough for me to realise that 1) why haven´t I used this before and 2) note to self; never, ever, step out of the door again without concealer. This resulted in testing a lot of concealers over the coming years. Did you know there is a YSL Touche Eclat sold every 60 second worldwide? But for me, Touche Eclat brought me eczema under the eyes, being too dry in its formula (worth mentioning; after cortisone from my doctor that didn´t cure the eczema, I turned to Estée Lauders Advanced night repair for the eyes. In five days the eczema were gone. And have never returned. I still use it.) Recently Emily at the wildly popular blog Cupcakes and Cashmere had her makeup done by Tom Pecheaux at Estée Lauder. He told her to use concealer sparingly (you can watch the short film here). I think he might have a point (ok, yes, he´s a pro:). I learned from a welltrained beautician at Harrods in London two years ago that I was actually more in need of "light and illuminating" than covering. Have you sorted out what´s your need? For me the best product for that illuminating thing is Estée Lauders Ideal Light brush-on Illuminator. It does the trick. I love it. And I am not alone.

(And this is not an ad for the company mentioned enough already, I just happen to use these products:)

{Image from Estée Lauder}