Apr 4, 2012

Creative visualization {intro}

The mother-of-all-online shops

The founder of the above, Natalie Massenet

My own copy of the famous book behind the success

One of the books that really made an impact on me is Shakti Gawains classic book Creative Visualization. And I am not alone. More than six million copies have been sold. This was also the book that kept one of my "entrepreuneur idols", Natalie Massenet going, founder of the great online retailer Net-a-Porter.com, when everybody told her she was never going to succeed selling clothes online (the launch was right after the Internet bubble had crashed).

"I refer to this book all the time, and it has inspired me from day one", says Natalie Massenet to Elle Decor. “Rather than imagining Net-a-Porter, I imagined that I would be involved in a media business. It was a big white space, with lots of light and lots of young people walking around, working, smiling. I definitely think of myself as an editor. I think that a successful retailer thinks like an editor, certainly today when you can use the internet to shop, literally, off a page" said Ms. Massenet to Business of Fashion. We know now that the story ended extremely lucky. Natalie Massenet sold Net-a-Porter.com for £350 to Richemont, but is still highly involved in the company.

So, back to the book Creative Visualization. I am starting to reread this for the third time, since it has been a while since the last time. I hope you will join me when I will try to break it down in smaller portions up and then here at the blog, as I go along reading it myself. I have experienced great results visualizing (some may call it law of attraction or goal setting as well) in my life, and also learn new things every time I read this book. 

"Imagination is the ability to create an idea, a mental picture, or a feeling sense of something. In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest. Then you continue to focus on the idea, feeling, or picture reguarly, giving it positive energy until it becomes objective reality...in other words, until you actually achieve what you have been imagining".

"To use creative visualization it is not necessary to believe in any metaphysical or spiritual ideas, though you must be willing to entertain certain concepts as being possible. It is not necessary to have faith in any power outside yourself. The only thing necessary is that you have the desire to enrich your knowledge and experience, and an open enough mind to try something new in a positive spirit" says Shakti Gawain.

I think we can do that:)