Apr 8, 2012

A colourful home with soul

I´m in love with this colourful home in Beirut, even though it is far from my own Scandinavian home. This beautiful home belongs to interior designer May Daouk. She moved back to Beirut from New York with her sons ten years ago. Daouk is still a very international person, having clients in Paris, London and New York. She was brought up in Beirut, by an English nanny, and then went on to schools in Switzerland and Boston, before ending up as a decorator in New York.

"It doesn’t matter whether pink and green go together. What matters are objects. They’re what give soul to a house. My home is a sanctuary where I’m surrounded by things I like" says May Daouk to Architechtural Digest, where you can see more inspiring images from this unique home in the latest issue.

{Images with permission from Architechtural Digest.
Photo: Simon Watson}