Nov 9, 2012

BON Weekend!

Happy weekend to you all!
This was a blog week not like any other else...In two days I was given two pepping awards from two of my own favourite blogs. First I got the Liebster award from Café Society XXI by the lovely inspirational writer Elsa de Diego. Don´t miss her blog, it´s addictive. The Liebster award is given by a blogger to up and coming blogger who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. In order to accept this I have to answer the questions below. Which is good I thought... since this is not so much a personal blog about me, it´s more about life, about us, about inner and outer beauty. So with this in mind I figured this could be a chance to tell you a little more about myself...The day after that I got the award "I love your blog" from beautiful Swedish blogger Annika at Soul City Guide. Head over to her immediately for style inspiration and more. So a humble thank you to both of you! Ps! Just scroll down for the new nominees for the awards if you´re not interested:)

11 facts about myself...
I must always have olive oil, avocado, chocolate and red wine as comfort food at home. Always.
I truly love healthy food. Sometimes I truly love junk food. And cinnamon buns.
I am real girly girlie and still miss Carrie and SATC.
My style icon is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, still.
My husband is my best friend and greatest supporter since 13 years. He´s just an amazing person.
I went to Lund University and loved every minute of it. Every minute.
I love my girlfriends. I feel truly blessed to have so many great, loving, interesting, funny, inspiring, beautiful friends in my life.
I love a good party. Always will. Why be dull?
I have a beloved grandmother who is 100 years old, still lives at home and keeps Champagne in the fridge. And she meditates a lot. I think she´s on to something.
I´ve just joined Facebook...I know! Words unnecessary...
I have three children and I´ve given birth natural with and without epidural. Well, there´s a difference...

I also need to answer these specifique questions from Elsa @ cafesocietyxxi for the Liebester Award:
Do you like to seduce or being seduced?
A mix of both, I think...
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
Team Aniston, definitely.
Tell us three things you would do if you win the lottery (Like $10 millions)
I would buy a beautiful penthouse in New York or London, preferably with a rooftop terrace. (hmm maybe the money is finished here?) treat my family to very nice trips and give some of it away to charity that I want to take part in actively together with my children, and make a difference for a long time, not just write out a check.
Do you have any beauty secret you want to share?
I swear by Estée Lauder Advanced Nightrepair for face and eyes. It´s the one thing that I´ve done religiously for the last seven years and will never give it up. And, the eye serum cured my temporary eczema under the eyes in five days, which couldn´t be cured by hydrocortisone from the doctor...
What motivated you to create your own blog?

I love beauty and glamour and need it in my life. But I also need time to balance this up with some TLC for the soul and mind. That lead me to the concept of inner and outer beauty. I always try to live a fulfilled life, and for that I need both. Try taking one of them out...I didn´t read blogs at all before I got my third child, got an iPad and was stuck in the sofa for hours of breastfeeding. Then I found some favourite bloggers and realized what a great an easy tool blogging is. With this blog I sort of hope to inspire not only myself but anyone who is interested in the topics, e.g by interviewing interesting experts. I have many more plans for the blog so please stay tuned...(and thank you for reading!)
If you could have a super power, which one would that be?
Helping kids in need.
What's the sweetest memory of your childhood?
Opening the presents beforehand on Christmas eve and then play really surprised in front of everybody...(and actually do it rather well:)
What aspect of your personality do you like the most?
I´m very loyal and love those that I love very much. I also try to be a fun person. I want to stay young in the mind and spirit as well. Some days I´m really good at seeing the magic in the little things in life. I´m also rather stubborn (being a Taurus...) which I think take me forward since I don´t give up easily.
What physical attribution(s) do you like the most about yourself?  
I´m grateful for having long and rather thick hair. That said, I do want more glossy hair, like everybody else (and please no gray, being 40 I have to go to the hairdresser a lot more often...)
If you had a magic wand and have to change anything about human nature, what would you change?
Love makes the world go round.
Is there any other place in the world where you would rather be right now?
I always want to be with my family. But I do would like us to live in a metropolis like New York or London some day. I always long for London. It´s the best city in the world according to me, it´s got everything. Some day, over the rainbow...

Now I have to post some new questions for my new nominees to answer in order to accept the Liebster Award:
What makes you happy on a Monday?
What drives you to write your blog every day?
Where do you want to live if you could choose freely?
City girl or country girl?
Which is your greatest asset according to yourself?
What do you think your friends would say is your greatest asset?
Favourite food?
Do you have a famous person you are inspired by?
Do you belive in the power of thoughts?
Where do you want to go on your next vacation?
What is luxury to you?

For the nominees I have tried carefully to choose those blogs that are small and under 200 followers on Google. Although some of my choices don´t have Google Friend Connector but I thought they would fit in the category for Liebster award anyway. I hope no one disagree and that the purpose is to shine some light on smaller blogs with a great content!

And my nominees for the "Liebster Awards" are...
Charmigt sa Charlie
The Haute Cookie
My Scandinvavian Home
Here is what to do...
You tell who nominated you on your own blog and link to the nominator. You post 11 facts about yourself, then answer the questions the nominator made for you (stated here above). Next, you create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate. Then you choose 11 blogs to nominate, and be sure to link to them in your post. Finally, go to their page and tell them. No tags back allowed!

And the new nominess for the "I Love your blog" are:
Lagen om attraktion

In order to accept the "I Love your blog" award the rules are:
Thank the blogger who gave you the award with a link and mention
Give it further to five other bloggers and let them know with a comment
Copy the "I love your blog" image and paste it on your blog

Tada! Hope I didn´t bore you with this very long post, soon back to normal...(Please feel free to comment anything as always, I love your comments!)

{Top photo from Pinterest via edited by IOB}


  1. Congratulations on your awards! It so so nice to read more about you. By the way, I cannot live without olive oil, chocolate and avocados either... And dates. I love dates stuffed with nuts, so I guess, I can't be without nuts either. :)
    Thank you for nominating me - you made me smile. The only thing is that I have 500+ followers, so am not sure if I fit into the category...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh no, sorry, I didn´t see the GFC below on you blog!! Now I do! I will change you to somebody else then...
      Love Caroline

  2. Grattis till dina två awards! De är du så värd! Så kul att läsa om dig! Och jag vill också ha olivolja, choklad och vin hemma:) tusentusen tack för din award till mig! Varm kram Nilla

  3. Tackar och bockar ödmjukast.
    Väldigt roligt att läsa om dig också!
    Kram Jannike

  4. Så roligt att få läsa dina svar! Önskar dig en riktigt bra helg! Kram Jennifer

  5. I have to grab power and a laptop quick! You are again so kind and judging from your self description would be my great friend if you lived close by! You seem to share my core values! Congratulations on your awards and I will answer these questions as soon as power possible!
    XO karolyn

  6. Now that's a good week - loved learning more about you and discovering some new to me blogs!! Happy weekend ~

  7. you are way too sweet, and i feel so humbled to know you nominated me- thank you!!!!! happy friday , Caroline! xO!

  8. Tack vackra Caroline! DU är BÄST! :)

  9. Darling, I loved to get to know you better. Thanks so much for your lovely words and for participating in this. I bet your style is as great as the late Carolyn B.! Congrats on the other Award and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  10. Åh, tack superfina du! Så glad jag blir och stort grattis till dig!
    Kram Jenny

  11. Det är skrattretande hur lika vi är. Fast Rom är min favoritstad och inte London. Men annars....
    Underbara du. Tusen tack.
    Ha en fantastisk helg. Kram

  12. I am totally hooked on you, your taste and everything.

  13. Great Blog. Love your pics!!!Would you like to follow each other?

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  14. You are absolutely lovely! Thank you so much!

    Congratulations on your awards - so well deserved. I love your blogg too!


  15. Lovely post!


    New post exclusive interview with Alicia Keys on

  16. AWWWWW TACK så hemskt mycket...det gjorde min dag:)

    Jag älskar din blogg och följer varje dag, så mycket skönhet som behövs i grå trist vardag:)

    ha en kanonhelg

    Big LOVE from Maria at

  17. Hjärtat, jag är verkligen hedrad! Tack sötaste du! Ska självklart genast köra samma hos mig.
    Ha en alldeles underbar helg!
    Största kramen och gros bisous från Frankrike

  18. Well, I try to comment again...
    Thank you ALL so much for your comments, I am so happy and grateful! love Caroline

  19. Tack finaste för har jag svarat!

    KRAM Kalaslotta